Review: Hopscotch Music Festival Day 1

 The Love Language (Lincoln Theater)

The local favorites played a blistering set that consisted of songs off of both of their albums, as well as a few new songs. The band had much of the crowd dancing and singing along for most of the set. Highlights of the set included a horn section joining the band for Wilmont and a fantastic cover of Diana Ross’ My World Is Empty Without You.

 Black Lips (Lincoln Theater)

 Atlanta based garage rockers the Black Lips are known for their rowdy shows and this one was no different. Throughout the set the band fought with security, made out with each other and even played baseball with cans of beer and their guitars. With many bands these kinds of shenanigans would keep the bands from putting on a show that was musically sound. However, The Black Lips were able to act up a bit while still ripping through songs from their newest album Arabia Mountain as well as older fan favorites like Bad Kids and O Katrina.

Check out reviews of Lower Dens, Dinosaur Feathers and Spider Bags after the jump.

Dinosaur Feathers (Kings Barcade)

 Due to the long line outside of Kings Barcade I was only able to catch the last song of this Brooklyn based band. However, getting to hear that one frenetic and fun song was definitely worth the wait.

 Lower Dens (Kings Barcade)

 The Baltimore based band played a set full of their unique brand of atmospheric, experimental indie rock. Even though they lost the crowd a few times during new songs, for the most part the crowd ate it up.

 Spider Bags (Lincoln Theater)

 Even though most in the crowd were waiting for other bands that would be performing on the same stage later in the night, Chapell Hill’s Spider Bags played an incredibly energetic set of country infused punk songs. With their catchy songs and high-energy shows it is just a matter of time before Spider Bags begin to get more recognition outside of North Carolina. Whether you knew of the band or not before the set, chances are you left Lincoln Theater a fan of the band.

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