Review: Megafaun @ Cat’s Cradle(9/22)

Just two days after their critically acclaimed new album was released, hometown heroes Megafaun took to the stage at the newly renovated Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro.

After taking the stage, the band quickly launched into the spacious and roaming “Real Slow.” The first thing most longtime fans of the band noticed was the addition of bassist Nick Sanborn. His addition allowed the band to create a larger sound, and allowed the other band members to concentrate more on their vocals and instruments. Next came the frenetic first single off of their new album, “These Words.” Considering this song relies heavily on field recordings, the band did an excellent job recreating it in a live setting.

The rest of the main set pulled heavily from the band’s newest album and last year’s Heretofore EP. Highlights from the set included drummer Joe Westerlund stepping away from the drum kit to play guitar and sing on “Second Friend”, as well as the epic “Get Right.”

After a brief encore break the band returned to the stage to play a few older favorites.  Even though the crowd seemed excited to hear the new songs throughout the night, the most excitement came during the 2 encores when the band performed established favorites “The Fade,” “His Robe,” “The Longest Day,” and “Lazy Suicide.” Throughout the evening it was easy to notice changes that have occurred since the band last played in the area. However, at the end of the night it was clear that this was the same band that the triangle has come to know and love in the past few years.


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