Telekinesis and The Love Language Wow Sold Out Crowd at Local 506

Sunday evening a capacity crowd gathered at  Local 506 in Chapel Hill to catch an excellent double bill featuring the Seattle based Telekinesis and local rising stars The Love Language.

Telekinesis were up first and treated the crowd to an hours worth of catchy, danceable pop songs. While on record most Telekinesis songs can be docile and sweet, in the live setting the songs transform into more aggressive pseudo-punk anthems. The set began with a run of songs off of the new album, 12 Desperate Straight Lines, including You Turn Clear In The Sun, I Cannot Love You, and album standout Please Ask For Help. About midway through the set singer/songwriter/drummer Michael Benjamin Lerner came out from behind the drum kit to play a few songs on acoustic guitar including a Teenage Fanclub cover.

Once Lerner returned to the drums, Telekinesis were joined on stage by Love Language frontman Stuart Mclamb who helped them cover Guided By Voices 1995 classic Game Of Pricks. To end the set the entire Love Language crew joined Telekinesis for Coast Of Carolina off of their debut album. The song quickly turned into one giant singalong and eventually turned into an absolute frenzy complete with band members playing in the audience and crowd surfing.  Telekinesis brought an energy that few live bands can match. If the evening would have ended after Telekinesis I doubt anyone in the venue would have minded.

After a quick break, hometown heroes The Love Language took to the stage and immediately jumped into the song Blue Angel off of their excellent 2010 album Libraries. The band then ripped through a set made up of songs off of both of their albums. Crowd favorites Lalita and Heart To Tell were played early in the set which got the crowd dancing. Even though the band struggled with a few technical difficulties, the set did not suffer thanks to the band’s high energy and the crowd’s excitement. Highlights of the set included Horophones, Sparxxx and set closer Brittany’s Back.

After a brief smoke break the band returned to rapturous applause. Once on stage Stu Mclamb remarked on how touring with Telekinesis had turned The Love Language into a punk band before going into a new song titled Cody’s Song. The song featured a great guitar riff and is easily one of The Love Language’s heaviest songs to date.  Before exiting the stage a second time the band performed a sped up version of Libraries closer This Room. Once the band left the stage the house music began to play and the packed crowd began to slowly exit the venue. After about 5 minutes had passed, the band returned to the stage for a third time to perform a rousing version of Pedals to a half capacity crowd. Overall it was a great night of music with two amazing bands sharing one stage.

The Love Language’s next show in the area takes place on April 23 at the Blind Tiger in Greensboro.

The Love Language 

Blue Angel



Heart To Tell





This Blood Is Our Own


Two Rabbits

Brittany’s Back


Cody’s Song

This Room



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