Third Eye Blind Comes to Elon

This past Friday, April 9th, Third Eye Blind came to Elon University thanks to WSOE and SUB (Student Union Board) and rocked the night away! BUT before the show Julia Sayer and co-host from “A & J Say Hey” – Tuesdays 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. – got the chance to interview Brad (drummer) from Third Eye Blind LIVE and On-Air!!! I was lucky enough to sit (more like stand in a squished corner of the booth) and listen in. It was amazing and Brad is an awesomely chill dude!

Joshua James was the first on-stage and I felt a little sleepy. Their sound was interesting but probably would have worked better at a festival or show within the folk genre.  Shwayze got people dancing and singing their recent hits of ‘Corona & Lime’ and  ‘Livin’ It Up’. My favorite moment during their set was looking at the black dude’s pants and seeing a huge bluge! YAY for tight skinny jeans!!!

Third Eye Blind took FOREVER to start playing after Shwayze was finished. I was uncomfortable primarily  because I was on the floor trying to defend myself against the drunk, stupid, and loud girls swaying and falling over AND it was steaming hot (temperature I mean). Not as great a performance as I had seen nearly two years ago in New Jersey but they’ve been touring quite a lot this last few years so I’ll give them a break.

Check out the full set list and encore here:
Also check out their upcoming shows in an area near you:

AND CHECK OUT BRAD’s DJ stuff/performances:

Or Twitter:

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