MUSE at Madison Square Garden

By Cat Valero

“Make sure you go to the restroom and get all your beers because your not gonna want to miss a second of this show!” – Matt Pinfield (101.9RXP)

Last night had to have been one of the most incandescent nights of my life, starting with L.A. own alternative band Silversun Pickups or often referred to nowadays as SSPU. They opened with “Growing Old is Getting Old” off of their most recent hit album Swoon. No one could deny how memorizing their performance was especially with an intense light extravaganza in tune with the catchy beat. SSPU definitely didn’t disappoint their fellow Muse fans in the least and the fans also showed their gratitude in an enormous applause at the end of “Lazy Eye” as to conclude the set.

A half hour later and the “experience” began…

I must say I was hooked as soon as the lights dimmed. Starting with the first track “Uprising” off of their recent album The Resistance got everyone on their feet. The Resistance displays a different type of music direction from a heavy alternative sound switching to progressive rock and  a qusi-operatic melodrama all in one. However, this is no surprise to their true fans who yourn for more of genre diversity. It’s been noted that their most recent musical influence has been Queen on “United States of Eurasia.”

The stage was set in a big round circle containing three tower structures in which Matthew, Dominic, and Chris were revealed in a non-typical way. Throughout the show these towers were lit up with mod-futuristic images and bright fluorescent lights. Dominic’s drum kit was docked on a circular turn table platform on one of the towers adding to the exciting visuals. Two small, ear-shaped platforms were propped on opposite sides of the stage where Matt would rock out guitar solos to the fans nearest him.

In between Matt’s changes, David and Chris just jammed for what seemed like a lifetime. Matt electrified the place with his classical meets new age style  as he played on the piano. Chris had a pronounced heavy bass that left everyone’s head to bop endlessly. A collaborative mix of genres, amazing solos, and amazing effects including lasers, mirrors, giant eyeball balloons filled with confetti, and fog shoots made the whole night unforgettable.

Find the entire set lists for both bands on


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