Friday, May 8th- Dylan Gilbert, Brett Harris, Nathan Oliver


Hey guys, happy rainy Monday night…

Just finished up the contracts for this Friday’s show, our last one at Lighthouse for the semester (sad emoticon).  We have a nice, mellow lineup so join us for a night of solid, home-grown music from North Carolina singer/songwriters Dylan Gilbert, Brett Harris, and Nathan Oliver this Friday, May 8th.  I’ve posted Brett Harris mp3’s below and Dylan Gilbert and Nathan Oliver ones are on their way.  If you see me around campus, ask me for a sampler…chances are I will have at least one in my crappy, ripped-up backpack.  (My birthday is November 7th so just in case you were thinking ahead…)

Thanks to all of you that came out for The Sammies on the 24th- it was an absolutely amazing show.  I’m working on a show review right now so I’ll post that soon.  Even if you didn’t come to the show but you like the sound of the mp3’s that I posted, check out their myspace or friend them on facebook.  Thanks also to The Tipsy Bacchanals, Chinese Vocab, and Kory Johnson and  Friends…and to those beach balls that actually lasted the whole night… 


Also, watch this video!…ever seen three Dylan Gilberts inside a cartoon egg?




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